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Laboratory information system (LIS) FoxSystem — software for medical laboratories, which completely meets all the requirements of modern medical services.

Functionality of the LIS FoxSystem covers the whole scope of laboratory’s activities  including integration with other information systems used in a medical facility and brings optimization to all processes in the laboratory, reduces their costs while increasing the productivity.

LIS FoxSystem allowes you to:

  • Keep digital recors and control operations of analyzers and workplaces
  • Automate the collection of measurement results
  • Minimize time it takes to process results and automate their formation
  • Improve examination results’ quality and ensure an accordance to active rules and standarts
  • Minimize the amount of paperwork
LIS FoxSystem is compatible with laboratory analyzers of any manufacturer

Laboratory journal BIANET

Предназначен для создания автоматизированных рабочих мест (АРМ) при проведении биохимических, гематологических, иммунологических и других исследований с возможностью интеграции отдельных АРМ в единый комплекс. BIANET повышает производительность и качество исследований, минимизирует бумажный документооборот, уменьшает рутинную нагрузку на персонал лаборатории
Лабораторный журнал BIANET

Resource control system for material resources (RC)

Software designed to monitor balance, consumption and expiry dates of reagents, consumables and control materials in the laboratory, store their corresponding documents and receipts schedule. Our software also allows you to analyze current product tendencies in your laboratory and produce reports and prognoses based on them. Resource control (RC) is an easy and convenient way to check on your laboratory’s materials at any moment!

Quality Control software (QCb)

Designed for an intralaboratory quality control of quantitative methods of clinical laboratory research according to GOST Р 53133.2–2008 «Quality control of clinical laboratory research» during assessment of repeatability (convergence) of results, assessment of precision (reproducibility) and correctness and operative quality control.

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    Laboratory information system FoxSystem — software product for medical laboratories